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Welcome to I am Christine and this is my website. Follow the links to your left if you deem them interesting, otherwise you're looking at all you're gonna get ;).

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Latest News: 10/10/03
The rain is here. And it got cold :P. We couldn't do the ride we wanted to today because it was 30 degrees and raining hard. We did find another trail to do, but got turned around early by Elmer Fudd and his shotgun. Even with the rain I will try to keep riding as much as possible before the snow. They got 4-6" yesterday up at Timberline :).
I am going home to Michigan next weekend. I get to see Greg's band play and go to my cousin's wedding. I have such a big family that is really hard to see everyone. I hope they don't freak out too bad over my lip ring.
I got a drum set and started lessons last week. It's hard, but I am practicing everyday. Let's see how long it takes before the roomates revolt.
weird sign
This is a funny street sign near pioneer square.
Apparently it _is_ a long way to Tipperary.
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